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            Key Points of RV Rubber Reviving Technique
            Name:Key Points of RV Rubber Reviving Technique

            1. First, break the waste rubber on the open mill to 30 meshes, if the condition permits, break the waste vulcanized rubber on the rubber fine crusher to 40 meshes—60 meshes. The scorching  rubber or soft vulcanized rubber can be mixed directly on the open mill.

            Dosage of the RV rubber reclaiming agent: 100 parts by weight of all sulfur vulcanized rubber: 3 parts by weight of RV rubber reclaiming agent, or 100 parts by weight of all sulfur vulcanized rubber powder: 2 parts by weight of RV2 generation (i.e., RMCD rubber mechano-chemical chain scission depolymerizing agent), the scorching rubber compound should add 0.5-2 parts by weight according to the scorching condition.

            2. The thinner the mesh of the waster rubber, the lower the Mooney viscosity of the revived rubber, and the broke elongation will be high, but has little thing to do with the tensile strength.

            3. The roll pitch of the open mill should be controlled within 0.150.25mm, the bigger the roll pitch, the worse the reviving effect with great difference, small sheering force of the mill roll on the sunken side faces, and bad effect. It is recommended to measure the roll pitch by using lead wire passing through two rollers.

            4. The temperature of the roll pitch should be controlled at 5060; if the temperature is too high, the rubber will be softened, and the shearing force will reduce, which may affect the reviving effect.

            5. The best times of 40 meshes powder passing through the two rollers is 30 times, and if the times are too many, the Mooney viscosity is low, the tensile strength is increased, the break elongation is decreased and the energy consumption is big.

            6. The raw rubber (or raw compound rubber) and the softener should be added when the rubber powder has been rolled in the roller 20 times, and should not be added ahead of time.

            7. When reclaiming on the internal mixer, break the rubber powder to 60 meshes or so, and use the drop side internal mixer, as the revolution speed of the tripping internal mixer is low and the sheering force is far smaller than that of the drop side internal mixer.

            8. When reviving the rubber on the open mill or the refining mill, it is better to use the automatic folding machine (provided by our company), as the man-made folding rubber powder may fold unevenly on the initial stage, causing energy consumption increase.

            9. When reviving the rubber by 40 meshes tire rubber powder, if the condition permits, mix the tire rubber powder and the RV rubber reclaiming agent on the high-speed stirring machine for 2-3 min, and then lay it aside in cool places and the effect is rather good.

            10. The "revived rubber" can be kept for half a year, and if the Mooney viscosity increases, mill run the "revived rubber" on the open mill 3 times before using, so that the original state of the "revived rubber" can be restored. 11. Our "revived rubber" needs not to add any vulcanizing agent, accelerator,ageing resister, etc. when it is restored to the final compound rubber. When using the revived rubber, first mill the raw compound rubber on the open mill, and then add the revived rubber and mill together.

            11. 30% of "revived rubber"+70% raw compound rubber →production, the basic property of the production remains unchanged. 13. 30% of "revived rubber"+70% raw compound rubber →production, the vulcanizing speed is fast so that the dosage of the additives can be reduced: the dosage of the accelerator and that of the sulfur can be reduced 20% respectively in "70% of raw compound rubber".

            12. If it is still necessary to increase the physical property of the "revived rubber" and decrease the Mooney viscosity, our company will provide telephone guidance as the customers requested. Contact us at 0311-85362266. 15. RV rubber reclaiming agent is effective to the vulcanized rubber with high sulfur and low accelerator as well as to that with low sulfur and high accelerator, RV rubber agent has successfully developed the second generation "RMCD rubber mechano-chemical chain scission depolymerizing agent", and we can provide optimal rubber reviving agent according to the different rubber recipe of the customer.

            13. Our company can provide corresponding rubber reviving agent for the waste rubber vulcanized by other vulcanizing agent (such as oxide, metal oxide, resin, etc.). Different techniques are corresponding to different rubber reviving agents.

            14. Equipment option: refining mill, rubber mechano-chemical reclaiming reactor, the rubber double-screw low temperature reviving extruders (unit), RW rubber high-speed reactor units (high-speed stirring). But the existing open mill of your factory can meet the technical requirements as long as the roll pitch is small enough, it fully qualified for technical requirements.


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