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            RV Strengths

            RVTECH is the premier rubber recycling/reclaiming company serving in various products and services. We are manufacturer of premium quality rubber reclaiming agents such as Devulcanizing Agent,Reclaiming agent,Chain scission agent. The services include consultancy services for the setup of rubber recycling plant end to end and many more. We specialize in natural rubber, butyl rubber, epdm, synthetic rubber reclaimation, reclaim rubber and rubber recycling/reclaimation plant set up end-to-end including infrastructure, technology and timely synchronizing the whole setup. We here at, RVTECH work for the quality of our product and satisfaction of the customer and been doing it successfully for more than 15 years. RVTECH is having this pledge to make future brighter and beautiful as ever for the generation to come.


            RV-Tech devulcanization process, with its exceptionally high recovery rate, is the sustainable economic model for the problem of rubber waste. Unlike today·s widely used recycling technologies - incineration and crumb rubber - RV-Tech technology allows for the re-use of a much higher percentage of recycled rubber into newly-manufacturered rubber products.

            At the same time, RV-Tech clean, efficient production of high quality recycled rubber means there are no waste by-products, there are no hazardous emissions, the process is non-toxic, and is completely safe for the environment.

            RV-Tech process is redefining the value of recycled rubber, while helping to heal our earth. It is leading the rubber industry in producing unprecedented economic and environmental returns.

            HOTLINE: +86-311-86823617